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It's Not a Game is a 2005 mixtape/second album by Layzie Bone. The Mixtape peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Top Rap Albums chart,[1] number 31 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart,[2] and number 96 on the Billboard 200.[3]

Tracks two and nine had previously appeared on his 2001 release Thug by Nature.

Track listingEdit

# Title
1. "Intro: It's Not a Game" 2:56
2. "There They Go" (featuring Aaron Hall) 4:01
3. "Midwest Invasion" (featuring Twista) 5:19
4. "Ain't No Waitin" (featuring Thin C.) 3:50
5. "Thug Nation" (featuring Krayzie Bone) 4:23
6. "I Don't Remember" (featuring Thick and Thin C.) 4:02
7. "Stayin' Alive" (featuring Thin C.) 3:56
8. "Nothin'" (featuring Thin C.) 3:42
9. "Connectin' the Plots" (featuring WC) 4:28
10. "Skit - Choppin' Game" (featuring L. Burna) 0:30
11. "Way Too Many" (featuring Outlawz and Stew Deez) 4:07
12. "Thugged Out" (featuring Thin C. and DJ Dre Ghost) 4:59
13. "2 Step" (featuring Thin C.) 4:03
14. "She Came ta Party" (featuring Thin C. and DJ Dre Ghost) 3:53
15. "Do You Want Me" 3:54
16. "It's On" (featuring M.T.F.) 4:43
17. "Smokin' on Information" (featuring M.T.F., Snoop Dogg and Joe Little) 5:14
18. "Run Game" (featuring Dogzilla and Stew Deez) 4:16
19. "The Movement" (featuring M.T.F.) 5:12
20. "Outro" 1:24

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