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Thug by Nature is the debut album by American rapper Layzie Bone under the name, L-Burna, a nickname given to him by his sister. The album was released March 20, 2001.

"My Niggaz" features some classic lyrics from Lay's first solo song on B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e, "#1 Assassin". Layzie's nickname L-Burna, which was given to him by his sister a couple of years ago, comes from his desire to put the heat on his competition. Layzie Bone told LAUNCH about his choice of album title. "I just feel like I'm a thug by nature," the Cleveland rapper said. "It's just in my nature to be that way. I'm not trying to be a thug. I was born this way. It's what I'm made up to be." Time Will Tell features Dekumpozed of NX who was first featuring on DJ U-Neek's Ghetto Street Pharmacist, where Layzie does the track Murda Murda with Lethal who is also from NX. You can hear the end of My Niggaz at the beginning of one of the skits. Thug By Nature features an additional disc (there are two) featuring 2 previously unreleased tracks. The CD features a sticker on the case stating that there is an extra CD, no difference in booklet or anthing else. M.O.G. stands for Murder On The Government. 7 ot 6 is a reference to 76 Studios. B.B.O.B. stands for the Bad Boy Of Bone.Layzie was bashed heavily by the media for naming the album Thug by Nature then having a music video for the song make my day of him snowboarding and skiing and also fighting a robot in the music video listen fans and the media questioned him about his street cred after watching the video's

Track listing Edit

  1. "Carole of the Bones"
  2. "Battlefield"
  3. "Connectin' the Plots" (featuring WC)
  4. "Fear No Man"
  5. "Time Will Tell" (featuring Dekumpozed)
  6. "Where You Goin?" (Skit)
  7. "How Long Will It Last"
  8. "Deadly Musical"
  9. "Fire in tha Hole" (Skit)
  10. "There They Go" (featuring Aaron Hall)
  11. "My Niggaz"
  12. "Still the Greatest" (featuring Big Chan & Flesh-n-Bone)
  13. "Make My Day" (featuring Baby S)
  14. "Lock-n-Load"
  15. "Up against the Wall"
  16. "Thug by Nature"
  17. "Smoke On"
  18. "Listen"
  19. "As the Rain (Bonus Track)"

Bonus discEdit

Bonus disc 1
  1. "It's all Hood Niggaz"
  2. "M.O.G."

Bonus disc 2
  1. "Money on da Wood" (featuring Bizzy Bone, Skant, & E-Mortal Thugs)
  2. "No Matter"

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